Saxenda Weight Loss

The weight loss injection Saxenda is a UK licensed, MHRA and FDA approved prescription-only weight loss injection. It is licensed for weight-loss for those who are overweight and with Obesity.


In our weight loss programme, adding Saxenda to a sensible meal and exercise plan helps you lose weight and keep it off.

The active ingredient of Saxenda is Liragutide 3.0mg, which is the same product used by all other weight loss injections and programmes, such as ‘skinnyjab’, ‘skinny pen’, ‘weight loss jab’, ‘skinny revolution’ etc.

As well as helping patients lose weight, Saxenda has shown in clinical studies to improve many cardiovascular

co-morbidities, such as pre-diabetes, hypertension, high lipid levels and obstructive sleep apnoea.

How does it work?

Saxenda consists of liraglutide, which is a very similar, but synthetic version of a hormone, known as GLP-1.

This hormone is naturally produced in the intestine after you’ve eaten food.

It is administered via injections and works as an appetite suppressant by telling the receptors to make you feel full and slowing down the digestion of food.

As it reduces your appetite, it enables you to stick to a diet with a controlled daily calorie intake and can help you to lose weight consistently

How do we do it?

You'll start off by having an in depth consultation with our expert practitioner. They will then prescribe you a regime for self injecting Saxenda, healthy eating and physical exercise.

You will be instructed on how to use the pen.

What are the benefits of using saxenda?

There are many benefits of using Saxenda weight loss injections, including:

  • It has been shown that when combined with increased physical activity and a low-calorie dietary plan that taking regular doses of Saxenda is more effective for losing weight than just dieting on its own.

  • It has also been shown to reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

  • It is self-injectable so does not require as many visits to a clinic.

  • Has limited side effects.

How much weight can i lose?

In a critical review of the evidence by the Obesity Science and Practice journal, Liraglutide (Saxenda pen) users consistently lost between 4-6kg

What are the potential risk & side effects?

As with most medications and treatments, there is always the chance you will experience side effects or risks. Although not everyone will suffer from them, the most common are:

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhoea

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

These are considered very minor and tend to settle gradually during the first few days or weeks of using the medication, as your body adjusts to it.

There are very rare chances of more serious conditions such as

  • Pancreatitis

  • Gall Bladder Disease

All the potential side effects and risks will be explained fully when you make a consultation appointment with our specialist.



Who isn't suitable for saxenda?

You should avoid using Saxenda weight loss injections if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You or a member of your family have a Medullary Thyroid Cancer (MTC)

  • You have been diagnosed with Multiple Endocrine Adenomatosis Type 2 (MEN2) – a disease that causes sufferers to have tumours in multiple glands.

  • You suffer from an allergy to liraglutide or any other ingredients found in Saxenda.

Who will be injecting me?

As it is a self-injectable, once-daily medication that is provided in a pre-filled pen, you should be able to administer it yourself.

Before you use it for the very first time though, our specialist will teach you how to use it.

Don’t worry, the needle is very thin and only short enough to breach the fatty layer of skin. It’s generally painless.

If you had thoughts of huge, long needles, you can rest easy.

How long does it take and how often do i use it?

The procedure takes 2 minutes and is taken daily. 

You will be required to attend follow-up appointments to ensure suitability.

How long will the results last?

With a healthy lifestyle maintained including healthy eating and regular physical exercise, the results should be permanent

Please note that this treatment requires commitment to self-injecting and attending any extra sessions that our practitioner recommends. Weight loss treatments take a number of weeks to work.

* results are permanent with a sensible lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

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