Skin tag removal

Skin tags are small brown or flesh-coloured growths (usually a few millimeters to 5cm in size) that hang from the surface of your skin. They are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin, and can look like warts or raised bumps. Although skin tags are common they are completely harmless, and they do not usually cause any pain or discomfort. However, they can snag on clothing or jewellery and bleed as a result, and can also lower your self esteem.

How do we do it?


A simple procedure where we firstly numb the area and then using a plasma pen we gently remove the offending skin tag.

How long does it take?


The procedure takes around 15 - 20 minutes.  

How long does it last?


Skin is an ever changing organ and whilst most removals are permanent there is always the chance they will return.

*You must prior to treatment seek medical advice from your GP to ensure that the tags are not cancerous.

How much does it cost?


£65 for up to 10 tags.

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