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The Saxenda® weight loss injection helps you to lose weight healthily, and makes it easy for you to maintain a healthy weight long term. The FDA approved medical weight loss injections send signals to the brain, reducing your appetite and making you feel fuller for longer and ultimately eat less.

You can lose an average of 4kg in your first two weeks of treatment, with patients experiencing appetite reduction after just three days.

This is a  self-injectable medicine that arrives in an easy to use prefilled pen. You are able to give yourself this weight loss injection each day at any time that is convenient for you, and may be taken with or without food. During your initial consultation, our advanced medical nurse will show you how and where to inject, Your weight and dimensions will be constantly monitored and a welcome pack including a daily diary will be given to you to fill out to keep track of your progress.

What to expect at your consultation?

Your saxenda consultation will be with our advanced medical aesthetic nurse Lee. He will discuss your concerns and determine the most appropriate form of treatment. During your consultation we can answer any questions you may have about these concerns and give you personalised advice. In your consultation, you will undergo a medical assessment prior to treatment, to ensure that Saxenda® is the most suitable treatment for you. We will record your waist circumference, blood pressure and weight at this consultation, and you will attend weekly appointments to monitor your progress and discuss your healthy eating plan as you lose weight. ​


How long does it take?


What concerns can this treatment commonly help?

  • Struggling with weight

  • Classed as obese


Does it hurt?

You may experience some discomfort however topical numbing cream is used to keep this discomfort to a minimum.  

How many treatments will I require?

Treatment results differ between clients dependant on the severity of your specific concern. This is why at DANNYLEE you require a consultation before booking any treatments with ourselves. By doing this we can tailor make the treatment around you and realistically provide you with the most accurate information and advice to answer all your questions.

On average clients our own this programme for 12 weeks 


Require more information?

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