CASMARA Regeneration Mask

Contains 1 x Powder 1 x Gel only (1 use only)

How do use? Mix both sachets together and apply, Leave for upto 20minutes


  • Ideal for use on any age or type of skin
  • Perfect for acne prone and delicate skins
  • Recommended for post-exfoliator/peel treatment
  • Allows for natural cell regeneration
  • Soothes and tones the skin


Ideal for use on any age or type of skin, including acne prone and delicate skins, CASMARA regeneration mask is ideal for leaving skin feeling fully moisturised. This mask is specially recommended for applications after treatments with exfoliators or peels have taken place.


How it works: Carbohydrates in the treatment mask solidify and form a plastic mask on the face while the active ingredients in the organically produced flax(linseed) and aloe contained in the mask combined produce natural cell regeneration, as well as soothing and toning the skin.


A high quality product

CASMARA Regeneration Mask