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Often you see or hear about complications that occur in Aesthetic medicine..... In fact any medicine or beauty treatment out there...... Do you ever ask yourself am I in safe hands? or do you just go to your practitioner because they're offering you a great deal?

Complications and emergencies are quite rare in Aesthetics but when they do occur they can be very significant. We've all see on the news, on social media or in magazines when things have gone wrong and sometimes what is shown is quite disturbing.

We're offering people looking for an injectable Aesthetic procedure but not too sure a little advice really on how to make sure you're in safe hands.

The first thing you need to do is research your practitioner and check their profession. Ensure your practitioner is registered with their professional regulating body and has no restrictions against their practice. This is quite easy to do. Simply pop to google and if your practitioner is claiming to be a Nurse; head to the NMC, if they're claiming to be a Doctor head to the GMC and Dentist's head to the GDC website. Once there you should be able to search their respective registers for the practitioner. You can check mine out at the NMC and using my PIN 12K1365E.

This is the first important step you should take when having any type of injection. Ask yourself a question if you're considering being treated by a non-medic. Would you allow the beautician to administer you any other medication by injection? So what's the difference with Toxin, Dermal Fillers and Fat Dissolving?


Check the practitioner is qualified in the treatment that you're looking to get. Any reputable clinician will happily provide you with evidence that they are.

Great! So we've got a medic who is qualified to do those lips you've always wanted, now what?

Check they're insured! Aesthetics insurance isn't cheap for practitioners to buy and there's no doubt some naughty people out there who are practicing thinking it'll never go wrong so I don't need insurance or they don't have cover for the procedure they are about to perform. It's a bit like car insurance people drive without it until they get caught, have an accident or worse. There's no reason that a practitioner should not have appropriate cover from an insurer. If they don't then don't use them!

Now what?

This is really important. You need to ask your practitioner can they deal with an emergency? Do they have access to emergency medication to reverse adverse events and what is their procedure.

At DANNYLEE Aesthetics we take your safety very seriously and know that we can confidently deal with any such event should it occur.

The basic's that are required for this are a filler dissolving product called Hylase. There should also be access to Adrenaline for any systemic responses that occur because of an unknown allergy. Adrenaline will save your life if you have an anaphylaxis. Ask the practitioner are they able to perform basic life support (CPR) if the worst case scenario did ever occur (it's worth pointing out this is extremely rare) and what is there procedure if anaphylaxis does occur.

Hyaluronidase - Emergency Filler Dissolver

Adrenaline - Life Saving Emergency Medicine

If the practitioner can provide all of those then you are in safe hands! You can also verify a practitioners safety by heading over to Aesthetics Complications Expert's website and searching for an expert and look out for the logo on websites.

ACE Group - DANNYLEE Aesthetics is a Member!

If you're unsure of anything about your chosen practitioner then do not proceed with any treatments until you have had clarification, seen evidence and that you're certain you will be safe!


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