You get what you pay for......

Updated: Jul 20

We hear it so often..... What special offers do you have? What's your best price on this? Why would I pay that when the beautician down the road is only charging this much? Will you accept this much for the procedure? Have you got a discount on Groupon or Living Social?

These are all common things we get asked daily.

To answer is simply, our prices are set at what they are for a reason. If we do any offer it's purely because we want to. We know we're not the cheapest out there but you really do get what you pay for. It's the same with everything in life.

Our prices are set because we want you to have quality over quantity! Yes that beautician or spa down the road is cheaper but remember with us you pay for your injector who is medically qualified and equipped with a whole load of skills that others aren't. Someone who is highly educated in all the procedures we carry out and with the skills and knowledge to keep you safe! You pay for our service and the certification and the experience. We also have a first class aftercare policy. We don't take your hard earned money and then you're unable to contact us with any questions or for advice after treatment. We welcome you to our family.

We all know where to go and shop for a bargain! But think of it like this..... Would you buy those counterfeit Louboutin shoes that will drop apart in 3 weeks and those beautiful red soles will wear away or would you invest in the real deal knowing you're getting the quality goods that are going to last? We know which we prefer!

Our services are an investment. We know it can be costly too. Which is why we offer our finance option as a method of payment.

Remember cheap is never good. You're having high risk procedures and you should think carefully about going to someone because they're going to save you a few pounds.


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