Mesotherapy, what is that?

Great question what we get asked often! So we'll answer this for you now.

Mesotherapy is often overlooked as a lesser aesthetic procedure, but only to those without inside knowledge. That's our first little secret for you! Now lets give you some of that inside knowledge ;) #mesotherapy

The simplest explanation, mesotherapy is a technique of injecting specific vitamins, minerals and peptides using multiple microinjections into the mesoderm layer of the skin. It's pain free and quite therapeutic.

Essentially, the simple act of an injection will stimulate the bodies natural healing process and stimulate the production of collagen & elastin to heal the micro wound, positively influencing your visible age in the process. #collagen #byebyewrinkles

However, the benefits don't stop there!!!

Once injected, the serum is absorbed much deeper into the skin than any lotion or cream that you buy. Think of it as an intensive moisturizer that works from the inside out! #hydration

The complex serum injections can take on many forms and numerous treatments have been specifically formulated to achieve very specific results. We use the Genosys mesotherapy power solutions here at DANNYLEE Aesthetics. The range has a serum for everything really from anti-aging to hyper pigmentation.

We can also combine this treatment with micro-needling for maximum effect and keep those youthful looks for longer #hellobeautiful

It's worth remembering that skincare is an investment and with any treatment its about maintenance and not just having a one off treatment. Following your clinicians recommended plan for you is always the best way to get the most out of your treatments. This treatment is perfect for those who don't want to be injected with a toxin or don't want to use a dermal filler. #nobotoxneeded

Free from Parabens, Ethanol, Fragrance, SLS & SLES


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