Lip Fillers

Lip fillers/Lip Enhancement are a great way to help give lips a natural and subtly fuller appearance. Popular with patients of all ages, this has become one of the most popular non-surgical aesthetics treatments to subtly restore and enhance one’s beauty. Lip fillers can add volume, definition and correct asymmetry, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Fillers can also turn the corners of the mouth upwards, rejuvenate the lower facial area and improve shape and structure. Furthermore they can also reduce the appearance of fine vertical lines on lips, often caused by ageing.

We get asked a lot about how much should I get? or is 0.5ml enough? #lipfillerdecisions

Our advice is simple really and it all revolves around you. Choose the amount of filler you're most comfortable with. 0.5 ml for a natural yet defined look, this will not give you volume though, 1 ml for plump and reshaped lip whilst keeping that beautiful natural look, 1.5 ml for that extra voluminous pout and 2.0 ml for that super full and juicy set of lips.

Now you're armed with that information it's time to listen to your practitioner. They know best (well usually they do). The thing is we're all human and we're all unique. 1 size doesn't fit all!

What should I do after having lip fillers? #aftercare #lipfillers #dannyleeaesthetics

Well it's easier for us to tell you what not to do really!

There's some things we absolutely tell you not to do after lip fillers......

1) Don't massage or play with your lips! You've just spent money and had an expert practitioner get them to how you want them. If you massage or play with them your likely to move the filler or denature it resulting in asymmetry or them not lasting as long as they should! You're also risking infection!

2) Avoid Sunbeds, steam rooms and sauna's for at least 2 weeks post treatment. Remember UV light destroys filler. If you're a sun worshiper or like a sunbed the fillers wont last! The same applies with extreme heat!

3) No Alcohol for 48 hours. Alcohol can increase swelling causing discomfort, contribute to bleeding and bruising.

4) No gym visits or heavy exercise for 48 hours. Getting your heart going is great! We should all be out there getting fit and keeping healthy. Just hold off the exercise for a couple of days. It doesn't help the swelling at all and who wants sweat dripping into those tiny puncture wounds where the needle enters? yuk.

5) No Facials, Microdermabrasion, micro-needling or laser treatments for about 2 weeks. Again you've paid good money for that perfect pout. You don't want your beautician ruining it for you.

6) Avoid make-up if possible. If you really have to then make sure it's a mineral based one, it's brand new and that you're using brand new brushes and blenders to apply.

Other than those you're pretty much back to normal life straight after treatment. A real important thing to remember is to keep your new lips hydrated!

That's just a whistle stop of the information for you.

Happy with what you've read and ready to book?

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