I'm a man..... Can I get treatments?

Simple answer is YES!!!!

Absolutely you can.

Men are becoming increasingly aware of their appearance and want to keep their youthful looks too! They want to equally be wrinkle free, have stronger facial features and are using or having skincare treatments to keep themselves looking fresh and on point.

Research shows that since 2010 there's been at least a 20% increase in guys getting aesthetic or advanced skincare treatments by expertly qualified practitioners.

With the rise in reality TV stars and the increased use of social media, guys are now finding themselves taking pride in their appearance. Reality TV shows bought rise to 'Brotox' #brotox and the use of dermal fillers in men to create the strong manly features that we all want. Who doesn't want a strong jawline? #jawlinefillers

"Men are discouraged from looking in the mirror and wanting to be beautiful."

Why? Why shouldn't men look in the mirror and feel beautiful? Taking pride in your appearance is good for your health. Psychologically if you look good you're going to feel good and in turn that's got to be a positive for people's mental health? We understand that it's not for everyone but guys should be allowed to express themselves as much as the gals out there. #youarebeautiful

We don't discriminate against anyone wanting treatment. We always make sure its for the right reason though. #noprejudice

If you're a guy, girl, martian or anyone and you're considering treatment then get in touch with us at DANNYLEE Aesthetics. We'll make sure you're looked after and consulted thoroughly before treatment. We'll talk to you about what your concerns are and how best to help you with them.

Remember Aesthetics is not just about injectable treatments we offer so much more than that. #notjustinjections

Checkout our range of treatments. Give us a call if you need more help choosing or want a consultation.


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