Facial Extractions... What are they?

Updated: Jul 20

When our least-favorite, uninvited houseguest shows up—acne—we know it’s time to book a facial. There’s something about a professional skincare treatment that leaves our skin looking fresh and healthy again.

What Exactly Are Extractions?

"Extractions refer to the process of clearing clogged or obstructed pores, also known as comedones, from the skin," shares Dan Garside, Lead Skin Care Specialist at DANNYLEE Aesthetics.

There are two types of comedones: open, blackheads, and closed, whiteheads.

Blackheads are impacted sebum in the pores and are most common in the T-zone, while closed comedones are usually a result of bacteria buildup in the pore, which result in inflammation.

Both open and closed comedones can happen in other areas of the face, depending on skin type and your skincare habits.

You know it’s time for extractions when the “pores are congested, and you can see impurities or feel them under your skin,” says Lee Hemmings, Award winning Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner.

Typically, this is detected in acne-prone or oily skin types, but that doesn’t mean other skin types don’t need a thorough inspection and cleaning, as well.

The forehead, nose, cheek and chin are the easiest areas from which to remove buildup because they typically consist of blackheads, due to greater oil production. Blackheads live at the top of your pores, so they are less complicated to extract and don't involve breaking the surface of the skin.

Dan notes that breakouts that are infected and have no opening won’t be extracted because the disturbance will worsen the infection. Think those “red and tender areas that haven't turned into a pustule yet,” explains Lee.

Is there any prep involved?

The most crucial component to safe and effective extractions is proper skin prep. When you are consulting with your aesthetician or skin care specialist, make sure they explain how they plan to proceed. Celebrity Skin Care Specialist Dan Garside mentions, "steam must be used before the extraction process to heat the skin and melt the debris inside the pore down to the consistency of soft butter. Then, during the extraction, it’s important to keep the skin moist. If the skin isn’t kept moist and warm, it will tighten up, and (the debris) will be hard to take out."

Lee, Advanced Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner and Director of DANNYLEE Aesthetics explains; Because so much professional prep and precautions are involved, it's not recommended that you try extractions at home. "Extractions are best performed by professionals, as doing it yourself results in picking and squeezing, which can lead to scarring,"

Lee also mentions that clients should avoid home treatments that contain alpha hydroxy acids and retinol and should seek professional treatments by qualified Aestheticians or Skincare specialists.

Danny recommends extraction following a skin analysis pre any of the skincare treatments he carries out at DANNYLEE Aesthetics. Always seek professional skin care experts who can advise you of which treatments you require to get beautiful skin and can advise you on which products they recommend for your skintype.

DANNYLEE Aesthetics offers our Skin Detox add-on which includes our 3 methods of extraction starting with our Ultrasonic facial extraction, Manual pore extraction and finally Vacuum extraction to ensure that we clear your pores out.


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