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The last few months have been mentally draining for most people but now with lockdown restrictions easing, we are gradually easing our way back to some kind of normality and the great feelings that comes with that progress. Being able to get back to some routine activities like meeting friends and going out for meals strangely feels like a new lease of life, with more gratitude for the small things we never knew contributed so much to our happiness.

We’ve discovered that not being able to access the usual services and facilities that help to boost our moods, such as hairdressers and gyms, massively affects our wellbeing and there is a strong connection between looking good and feeling good. Therefore, it is totally understandable if you have been feeling less confident and have lost some of your sparkle, but now is the time you can start to feel much better holistically.

Aesthetics & Skincare treatments boost confidence!

At DANNYLEE Aesthetics, we provide aesthetics procedures that can help people to feel more confident and happier about their appearance, resulting in improved holistic wellbeing. Now that the clinic is open, we want to make sure that we prioritise clients who will benefit the most from our services, from a holistic wellbeing perspective. We want to help people get out of their negative headspace and look forward to a happier future.

We are experiencing a a huge amount of enquiries and booking requests but as a customer-centred aesthetics clinic, we are focusing on providing our services to the people in great need of a wellbeing boost!

Many people turn to aesthetics treatments to brighten their outlook on life, we are talking to our patients and really focusing on those who need a beautiful boost in confidence and holistic wellbeing. If lockdown has had a significant negative impact on your outlook on life, then we would love to help you to start your journey towards feeling happier again by listening and understanding what you want to achieve from this journey.


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