Plasma tightening/resurfacing

The Plasma Treatment is NON-SURGICAL – NON-INVASIVE!

The Plasma Pen device is able to significantly tighten, lift, resurface, rejuvenate and regenerate any area of the skin. The Plasma Pen forces the skin tissue to contract virtually immediately by thermally disturbing the skin as well as fibroblasts. The micro trauma stimulates new collagen (neocollagenesis) and helps release and activate essential proteins and growth factors like cytokines and fibroblasts, which make more collagen than before it was disrupted.

New collagen continues to be formed over a period of 12 weeks following treatment.

How do we do it?

This is a very simple yet extremely effective treatment which requires one piece of equipment - Plasma Pen 

The Plasma Pen harnesses the power of plasma. Plasma is the fourth state of matter along with Solid, Liquid, and Gas. The principle involves the ionization of gases from the atmospheric air to create a micro electrical discharge or ARC.

The ARC never touches the skin, but causes a micro injury to the skin’s epidermal layer whilst simultaneously heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure via thermal conductions. This is more commonly known as Fibroblasting. Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in the body that produce collagen.

Please note these small brown crusts will be visible for upto 7 days until they naturally fall off.

What are the benefits of a plasma treatment?
  • Improve and brighten skin tone, laxity, and texture

  • Tighten loose skin

  • Dramatically reduce, inflate, and plump lines and wrinkles


what areas can be treated?

Eyelid lifting/tightening

Crow’s feet

Undereye Wrinkles

Hooded eyelids

Neck wrinkles/tightening

Smoker’s lines/lip wrinkles

Nasolabial folds 

Overall skin resurfacing & rejuvenation

Acne Scars reduction

How long do the results last?

All results vary from each individual client but results can last upto 3 years.

How many treatments will i require?

Often after one treatment you will see dramatic results but the number of treatments required will depend on a number of factors such as personal expectations, the treatment area, the condition and severity of loose skin, the age of the client etc.

All clients receive a 2nd treatment 3 months later as it can take upto 3 months for new collagen fibres to form. 

In some severe cases more treatments maybe required 3 months later.


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