Pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation, is the overproduction of melanin (the natural pigments produced in our cells responsible for skin and hair colour) within specific areas on the skin, creating darker spots compared to the overall skin tone. This can lead to an inconsistent colouration, patterning and blotches.

Pigmentation can be due to hormones, sun damage and past inflammation like acne, 

With UV rays being one of the main causes, users of sun beds, or fans of sunbathing are more likely to develop pigmentation. Some skin types are more prone to pigment than others due to the amount of melanin (pigment) within the skin and treatment options will differ depending on skin type and type of pigmentation.

For Pigmentation We Recommend:


BioRepeel 6 In 1 Peel - 

Removes dry skin & damaged skin aiding in the re-balancing of skin tone. .

Hydro Pro Facial - DANNYLEE Aesthetics

PROHEALTH Hydro Pro Facial -

Combination of targeted treatments..

In your consultation, we may discuss combining more than one treatment to maximize your results.

Using the correct home skincare products along side your treatment programme is vital to achieve your skin goals.

Below is our go to products for oily skin. Don't worry we will discuss this in your skin consultation.

Obagi Ultimate Antioxidant Kit

Obagi Ultimate Antioxidant Kit


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