Why Obagi at DANNYLEE Aesthetics?

Obagi Medical® Products have been specifically formulated to transform the skin from within to result in younger, healthier-looking skin.

The Obagi Medical® Product range helps reduce the visible signs of ageing such as fine-lines, wrinkles, melasma (dark sports), hyper-pigmentation, laxity and uneven texture with additional targeted treatments for acne. 

With over 30 years under our belts, we continue to design transformational products that promote skin health and build on our legacy of science and innovation.

Obagi is a complete skin care company designed and tested for every skin type – there really is a solution for everyone.

Obagi also offers 2 treatment routes being prescription only skincare for those real difficult cases of acne and hyperpigmentation and non-prescription skincare for all skin types.

DANNYLEE Aesthetics is a proud authorised user and supplier of Obagi.

All products in kits can be purchased separately.

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- Skinclusion -

Obagi has pioneered many skin care advances, including being the first medical skin care brand to design their clinical research protocols to cover all six skin types across the Fitzpatrick skin spectrum. Meaning there is a skincare regime for all.

Skincare For Everyone At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

- Product Ranges - 

Obagi Nu-Derm Systems                     

(2 Options) Normal-Dry | Normal-Oily

  • Anti aging and Correction

  • Moderate-to-severe hyperpigmentation (inc Melasma)

  • Fine lines & wrinkles, laxity & rough uneven texture

  • Adult Acne

  • Oily or greasy skin

  • Dry or Dehydrated

NuDerm Obagi Products At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

This kit contains 7 products for the ultimate skin reviver.

Retinol can be added to this regime. ​

Obagi 360

  • Dull, dry and uneven skin tone

  • Minimal fine lines and wrinkles

  • Occasional breakouts or loss of radiance

Obagi 360 Products At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

3 products with 5 benefits. Great for clients looking for a quick regime but still obtaining all the needed steps. Clenser, Scrub, Retinol, Moisturiser & SPF

Elastiderm - Eye Range

  • Reduction in the appearance of upper & lower eye area wrinkles

  • Laxity & puffiness to achieve younger-looking eyes

Obagi Elastiderm Products At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

This range contains 3 eye treatments & brand new face serum


  • Dry facial skin

  • Relief from tight or dry skin

  • Comfort during reaction phase of Obagi Systems

Obagi Hydrate Products At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

Must have moisturiser!

Obagi-C Systems

(2 Options) Normal-Dry | Normal - Oily

  • Early Intervention

  • Mild-to-moderate hyperpigmentation and photoaging

  • Loss of youthful glow, dull skin

  • Fine lines & wrinkles, laxity & uneven texture

  • Oily or greasy skin

  • Dry Skin

  • Preventing future damage from exposure to UV

Obagi C Rx Products At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

This kit contains 5 products for the complete skincare regime.

Clenizderm - MD System

  • Minimising side effects of other acne treatments

  • Mild-to-moderate inflammatory or non-inflammatory acne

  • Clinically proven acne 3 step regime

Obagi clenziderm Products At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

Simple 3 step regime 

Professional C - Serums 

  • All skin types that desire antioxidant protection

  • Photodamage prevention/protection

  • Achieving lighter, brighter, softer skin

Obagi Professional-C Products At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

This range contains 3 strengths. We always recommend client start on the lowest when using this product for the first time.

Sun Protection

  • All skin types that desire antioxidant protection

  • Photodamage prevention/protection

  • Achieving lighter, brighter, softer skin

Obagi SPF Sun ScreenProducts At DANNYLEE Aesthetics

Multiple sunscreen available

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