Here at DANNYLEE we’ve got a wide array of facial treatments for all skin types and concerns whether you're on the hunt for subtle rejuvenation or a complete revamp. That’s why we’ve tried, tested and perfected each and every treatment in our arsenal. 


You can trust your face is truly in the hands of the experts. 


Please find below a full list of our face treatments. We completely understand that we do offer a wide range of treatments and that you may prefer to get advice directly from our professionals before booking an appointment .

So please click link below and include as much information as you can including your concerns and photos if possible.

Three simple steps to start your journey

Step 1:

Book a no obligation consultation with our expert to examine and discuss your specific concerns.


Step 2:

Meet your practitioner for a one to one private consultation. During this time we will:

  • Assess your concern and discuss options for treatment.

  • Explain the procedures step by step and the likely outcomes.

  • Go through an in-depth medical questionnaire.

  • Skin will be examined and tested.

  • Recommended home care will be discussed.

  • Photos will be taken so your concerns can be examined in more detail.

  • Answer any questions you may have.

Step 3:

Your agreed treatment will be booked in at the best available time for you. 

Want to book a private consultation with our experts please click link below:

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Feel free to explore our treatments by clicking  photos below:

All treatments below are performed by our advanced aesthetic nurse practitioner

PRP Skin
Uses your bodies plasma to repair damaged skin.
Cocktail of key ingredients to treat your concern.
Skin & Wart Removal
Safe & effective way of removal.
Plasma Resurfacing
Reduce fine lines, hooded eyelids, even scars.
Sunekos Eyes
Targets discoloration & dark circles.
Sunekos Skin
Feeds the skin from the inside out.
Downturn Mouth
Corrects the downward turn of the mouth.
Orange Peel Chin
Reduce the appearance of a dimply chin.
Smokers Lines
Soften vertical lines from the lip to the nose.
Bunny Lines
Relaxes the wrinkles that form by the nose.
Gummy Smile
Reduces the amount of gum shown when smiling.
Jaw Reduction
Slim down the jaw.
Nefertiti Neck Lift
Smooths neck bands and turkey neck.
Excessive Sweating
Significantly reduce sweating.
Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Soften fine lines.
Fat Dissolving Injection
Reduce stubborn fat in the jowls/double chin.
Filler Dissolving
Remove unwanted filler
Lip Filler
Fuller, plumper lips
Jaw/Chin Filler
Define your features & re-balance your facial profile.
Cheek Definition
Add volume or simply contour your cheeks.
Amazing alternative to expensive surgery.
Lower Facial Lines
Smooth unwanted lines around the mouth & chin.
Tear Trough Filler
Smooths out hollowness under the eyes.
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All treatments below are performed by our skin & laser clinician

Deep rejuvenating treatment.
Light rejuvenating treatment.
Hydro Pro Facial
Bespoke facial experience.
Laser Hair Removal
Permanent hair reduction using IPL/SHR lasers.
Glycolic Peel
Quick & effective surface peel.
6 in 1 deep, rejuvenating peel that kills bacteria.
Light exfoliation & removes fine facial hair.
Pore Extraction
Clear blocked pores.
Diamond Dermabrasion
Light exfoliation.
LED Light Therapy
The power of light to heal.
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