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Dry Skin

Dry skin naturally occurs through the ageing process this is caused due to many factors but research shows sun exposure is the main culprit. The need of having a golden tan has gone much further than us having a summer holiday each year but now we have become extremely interested in the use of sunbeds for that all year round glow. Over exposure can cause the following concerns: premature ageing, dehydration, Skin Pigmentation and fine lines & wrinkles. However any form of UV exposure in sensible moderation has its medical & psychological benefits as well as its proven research in fighting acne.


Other known causes are: smoking, poor diet, harsh facial products and some medications prescribed by your doctor or provided by your pharmacist can also cause dry skin as a side effect, read the information provided or speak to your pharmacist if this may be the case as skin treatment will not be effective.

Treatments We Recommend To Hydrate Dry Skin


Diamond Dermabrasion - This gentle exfoliation treatment buffs away dead skin cells. 



Microneedling + Vitamin Infusion - Vitamin serums will offer deep rehydration.


Chemical Peels - Improve skin texture, Remove dead dry skin. reverse subtle pigmentation & fine lines.



Deluxe Dermaplaning - Removes dead dry skin. Eliminates fine facial hair allowing oils into the skin.


In your consultation, we may discuss combining more than one treatment to maximize your results.

(we highly recommend adding our 'Pore Extraction' pre-treatment service to your plan)

Skincare Products To Use


Using the wrong products on your skin could be affecting your results in a negative way. Stay away from using any facial products that contain harsh chemicals. 


Moving forward after your treatments with ourselves we highly recommend introducing or changing a skincare routine that includes cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliator & a face mask that contains natural nourishing ingredients & specifically designed for dry skin. 

Here at DANNYLEE Aesthetics we are constantly researching new products to recommend to our clients. Please ask in clinic or check out our online store for our latest recommended products.